Whats the real difference between a MIM and American strat? I'm quite curious about what makes these guitars have such a huge price difference. Does the differences effect the overall tone of the guitar?
MIM use lower quality wood, and the pickups arent as good
Though ive come across moments where ive played some awesome MIM strats. Play both, decide which you prefer, if your lucky you can find a really well built MIM and save some money
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There are good and bad ones of each. Personally I love my MIM; it's a gem from back before everyone's QC went to hell and there weren't as many lemons as good guitars. The only thing I intend to replace is the pickups. That being said though, nowadays you have to play a bunch to find a gem. When you do though, it can outpace a lot of US Fenders.

Plus I thought I'd just note this; MIM's are more vintage-spec besides using a thick glossy polyurethane coating(MIA; two-point bridge, ash body, 22 frets, overpriced single-coils and often humbuckers, often locking tuners, S1 switching. MIM; six-point bridge, alder body, 21 frets, single-coils built basically with whatever is handy, non-locking tuners, 5-way switching.) save for reissues. Modern refinements on the MIA, classic design on the MIM. That's how I think of it, because as long as you don't get a lemon, a couple miles further south makes very little real difference.

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