'tis alright. nothing that makes me wanna jump up and rock out. i recommend you cut your hair as it seems to get in the way a lot.

I don't want to come off as a jerk, but I am just wanting to be honest here. I recommend you get singing lessons as you have terrible habits and technique. Muse should be the last thing you should be trying to sing as I could feel the strain in your singing, even in your falsetto.

I listened to your performance of micro cuts and that was... um... yeah... dude, please consider learning to sing if you wish to continue as I would hate for you to do damage to your voice, if you haven't already.
Hehe my hair's shorter now actually

And yeah I do realise I need to get lessons :p
I was basically put on the spot to sing for the band after our singer left so I have to pick up from where he was.

But cheers
i was supprised by how well you did it

the singing wasn't bad but i agree with the guy above, it does need some work and control

guitar playing was pretty solid for the most part, and i can appreciate you were singing at the same time which can be hard
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