so ive been looking into doing some recording at home. My girlfriend and i have been looking at buying a macbook mostly because of garageband. Ive look into it and it seems like a pretty cool program. Just wondering if anyone can give me any feedback on it? Any at all would be awesome!
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i have it but i've only tinkered with it a bit. it's cool but nothing professional i'd say. i use protools personally
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Buying a macbook because of a Garageband. That's a hell of a price for a ****ty program. What you really need is neither Fl studio, Cubase or Protools. You really can't do anything "serious" with Garageband.
It's very nice. Good for personal recordings.

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If your not doing some mad huge mixing then it will do you just fine. I find its lack of features infuriating... but i use logic pro, which does everything and anything i want it to except make me coffee. Garageband is great, i did some voiceover work with it once with some recorded music and it did fine.
I use it to record all my bands shiz and it works fine. Gets the job done.
I do have logic pro, but i cba to learn it (my drummer bought it) so ima sticking with easy to use GB

Sorry to Hijack, but can anyone tell me what kinda benefits ill get by using Logic over Garageband?
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well for one the plugins don't suck.
Hell of alot better mixing, inserts, busses, etc etc.
Much more intuitive controls.
Use of external plugins
More midi stuff
video stuff
scoring stuff
pitch correction
wave editor
more tracks
ability to bounce down to more formats

^This is all true. Logic is far superior (and it should be, because Garageband is free) and is one of the best programs out there for audio and MIDI work.
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You should only see GarageBand as a 4 track recorder, to which you can get some basic ideas down. Its absolutely great for exactly that; jotting ideas down, creating structure and learning the basics of layers.

My advice to you would be to muck about with GarageBand for a bit, learn some basic techniques etc. Then when you feel you have out grown it, progress to LogicPro. Logic is absolutely amazing value for money, and IMO is the best out there (for me anyway. I don't think i will ever turn back).
It's good for a free program. If you pay for anything, it's an upgrade.
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cheers peoples thx for the advice!
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I have Logic Studio 8, Cubase 4, Tracktion 3, etc and I use Garageband too. The new Garageband '09 is amazing. The new AMPS and stompboxes, the new 3D GUI, etc., are all kewl as hell... I can assure you garageband is capable of QUALITY RECORDINGS. I belong to forums where people have uploaded STUDIO QUALITY recordings all done in GB. Garageband can use any plug-ins (AU's) that Logic can... Garageband is as good as the operator - if you're proficient with recording & mastering then GB can produce beautiful results. Just because you spend thousands for software doesn't mean better results. It's all in the MAN BEHIND THE SOFTWARE.

Garageband is amazing for the money and I'll match it against any PC software that costs 3-4 times as much. Logic Studio Pro is FAT and I use it a lot but Garageband is too providing you know what you're doing.
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