alright so, my friend has started modding his old crappy strat copy and ive wanted to do the same to my Epiphone Les Paul-100.

a little help guys?

i need to know how to wire new pickups, what parts to get and everything.

so if u can leave me some advice. cheers.

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also im having some trouble finding the parts, i figure i need a new neck since the action is so shot on my old les paul, does anyone know any australian providers of les paul parts?

Jackson JS-30
LP necks are virtually unchageable. Action is adjusted from the bridge. Stewmac does ship to Australia, and has plenty of pickup rings/pickguards/tuners/watever else you may need, and more. Id also get a new nut, like a Graphtec or Earvana nut. If you have the money, replace whatever you can other than the body and neck.

EDIT: Is your neck a bolt-on? I know LP-100s arent exactly hi-end, and LP Special IIs have bolt-ons. If its a bolt-on neck, you should be able to change it easily, but if its set-in, good luck w/out sawing the whole thing off.
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its bolt on thank god :P

what exactly is wrong with your neck?

cause, you can adjust the bridge height/the truss rod, I highly doubt you need to replace the neck if all that's wrong with it is action.
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Have you tried adjusting the action? I mean, a new neck is a pretty pricey thing to do if you can just have a guitar tech at a guitar store do a setup for you for 40 bucks... or better yet do it yourself.
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the thing that is wrong with my neck is that a while ago when i was very young and very stupid, i didnt alter the action gradually, so now the neck is stuck because the truss rod cant be moved

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