Basic i've got an A level performance exam coming up. And im looking for a solo Jazz piece to do as part of performance. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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is that like, a school thing or a uni thing?

and does it have to be jazz?
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No it does not have to be Jazz. I am playing an acoustic blues composition and a classical composition and i thought a Jazz piece would be a nice thing to play as it links in with one of our areas of study. I am open to other suggestions as long as they can be played with just a guitar (no backing track) and aslong as they are not blues or classical.
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Paul Gilbert, Eric Johnson and Satch?
I'm not big on virtuoso guitar music, but those might be worth a look at.

Joe Pass, Pat Metheny, Wes Montgomery, Ali De Meola, Jeff Beck, Django Reinhardt, John McLaughlin, John Scofield, Charlie Christian, Herb Ellis, Allan Holdsworth are all worth a mention I guess. You should definitely take a listen.

When I said I can't help you, I meant "I can't name pieces as I have a rather limited knowledge of Jazz songs"
andy mckee - drifting

- yes. it looks hard.

- yes. i played it for my moderation and ended up getting 95% for my solo unit in music.

so, if you can get the hang of it (which once you have, the song is VERY easy) you will blow people away.
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just cover some jazz standards which have been covered by other artists as solo pieces. For example consider covering "Autumn Leaves" or "Round Midnight" - if you want to hear those performed for solo guitar - get hold of Joe Pass's "Unforgettable" to get an idea of how you might proceed with such solo interpretations.
Barney Kessel's arrangement of Misty.
It's a great jazz piece and the tabs for it on are this site so that makes it ever more the convenient.
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One that i'm playing for a recital coming up is a version of "Yesterdays", this version arranged by Mike Elliott. It's very cool and leaves a lot of room for your own changes and tastes/flavors you'd like to add in. I've peppered my rendition a ton and i must tell you, it's delicious.

Check it out!

It's not too tough, just some fast chord changes and junk. Good luck!