Hey everyone,

I've been playing D'Addario 9-42s for a long time now, and I definitely think that I need to switch to a higher gauge. Firstly, I was wondering what gauge would be good for me. I play mostly jazz and metal, so I was thinking maybe the D'Addario 11-49s, or the 11-52s (I don't really know if there's a huge difference between the two). Also, I was wondering if I can damage my guitar in any way by changing the strings (I know it will cause intonation issues and stuff like that, I'll probably just take it to my teacher for some adjustments or the shop for a setup). I play a Godin SD, so I'm not sure if it can handle this heavier gauge. Any advice or help is awesome!

You won't "damage it", but you will most likely have to do a bit of adjusting if you go up to 11's in standard tuning. Truss rod will probably need tightened a bit if you want the neck relief to stay the same. I don't know about that guitar though, but I imagine it would be fine with 11's. WHen people start going 12's or 13's in standard tuning, issues arise. I assume though with metal you'll be lower than standard most of the time.

I switched back and forth from 10's and 9's all the time without issue, and the guitar came with 11's.
do you really want to stay with d'addario strings ??
ernie ball and dr makes great strings.
i use skinny to heavy bottoms on mine (10s) and i always switch to standard tuning to drop c tuning.
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Friend of mine plays 13s in E or D standard... but he's mostly a rhythm guitarist. He's ****ing strong though, so it's no problem for him to do some bends.
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if you don't need to do more thwn a whole step bend, go with 0.11s. i use them on all my guitars. to me, they sound thicker and warmer. and you can really beat them and they dont flop around like 0.9s or 0.10s.
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^What kind of guitar does he have? Some guitars with thin necks can't stand the test of time with that gage strings in standard tuning. Thats crazy though, 13's!!??

Other posters, the OP's question was about string gage, not brand of strings. The Ernie ball vs. D'Addario vs. You Name it doesn't make a difference for the guitar setup.
Can you switch between 9's and 10's without a truss rod adjustment?
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