i found this really small and simple messa boogie head with a 1x12 cabinet(didnt say which) it was only after i had come home that i realised that i forgot to check the model because the price just blew me away.........because it was dodgy at $125.....so i dont have any pictures but ill describe it

its really simple, two inputs, one for guitar and one for foot switch , 4 controls for gain bass mid and treble and the standard mesa boogie equalizer and yes im trying to serach for it online on my own but if anyone anywhere knows waht this is please let me know
What store did you see it at? Perhaps their website has pictures?
Looks like it might be an old DC, if it has a graphic EQ.
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probly an early f50 or sank'

wont be an Fseries if it has a G-EQ. Maybe a DC
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because i didnt have money at the time.......i was actually there with my friend who was buying a bass guitar....he didnt anyway because he suddenly decided he wanted to be a drummer after seeing a drumkit.....and the price sounded a bit dodgy....even for a secondhand mesa boogie..........so iwanted to check out the real price........which i stupidly decided to do after i had gotten home...........and no the store doesnt have a website...but thanks anyway ill look into the DCs....
not a DC, .50 cal + series. DC has dual EQs, hence the D in the name. 50 cals had shared EQ, and if it had a graphic EQ it's the .50 Cal +. Awesome amps, especially for the price. Go get it, now. They go for like 5 or 6 hundred on ebay in combo form.