18 year old, 125cc motorbike, currently paying £426 ($581) a year for my insurance, paying it off at £30 a month though
If I was getting a car the normal way it would be about £1200 because my parents don't drive, so I can't just be named.

We're getting a hire car instead and buying it when the lease finishes in a few years, brand new car though so it works in my favour.
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mine shot up... im paying nearly 300 a month now... Ridiculous, Im gonna have to buy a cheap car and get liability on that so my rates can come down... and its not even like i drive a sports car or anything its a green jeep no danger there... but because im 20 they just bend me over those F@ckers! No accidents no tickets in the last 4 years (since i started driving) and still rates go up
Well, I'm on my Mom's mini-van so that's 200 every six months. My parents on my Mustang GT is 400 every six months, none of us have had a ticket.
I pay $167 every month for 2 cars...and one is a 2009 with full coverage. I haven't had an accident or ticket since high school though. I'm under 25, but I'm also married so that helps out as well.
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