Is it okay to put a tube power amp in bridge? I have an opportunity to get a 2x50 watt power amp, but am only interested if I can bridge it to 200watts mono. I know with ICs there are sometimes protection circuitries that prevent bridging from being possible, but what about tube amps?
50 plus 50 would be 100. SS stuff has the power increase due to the impedance shift. 8 ohm load going to 4 ohm load equals more power from the amp. But doesnt work this way with tubes the OT makes the power the same for 4, 8, or 16 ohms. So a 2x50 watt tube amp isnt going to be 200.
Yes! Its used with car stereos all the time. As for whether your particular amp can be done this way, unknown as the only info provided was 2 channels and it has tubes. Better to ask the company who made it.
Ok, I was just checking because it seemed like you didn't know that bridging amps puts out 4x the power. Also, I'm just asking if it's possible to bridge a tube amp, not this one in particular.
From what Ive read yea its possible to do it to tube amps you gotta rearrange the wiring for the OT.