The Middle- Jimmy eat World
My band wants to play this, and I will be having practice in a little bit, so it is just a quick question.

Does anyone know for sure if the tuning is in standard or drop D tuning?

I checked the tabs and there are some with either tuning. Which is the one that the band actually plays it in? Thanks ahead of time.
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they play in a few tunings. as long as your playin the right notes, does it matter?
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My band does it in standard and it sounds good from the tab we used from UG. I don't know which one the guitarist picked (i'm teh drummer) but it sounds pretty good from what it was tabbed as.

Just experiment to see which one you prefer. We prefer the Standard one, you might prefer to play it in Drop D, Eb, whatever you want. It's just what you think sounds good (or what suits your vocalists)
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they play in a few tunings. as long as your playin the right notes, does it matter?
Try it both ways, and see how you (and your bandmates) feel most comfortable playing the song. It's preferable (but not required) for all of you (bassist included) to use the same tuning.
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as far as tunings go, J.E.W. normally play in drop D
though not too sure about the middle
i used to play it, and i just used standard.. the notes were correct