i have to agree with SquierLolz, i really didnt like it, i didnt even know what tuning it was. it was just really weird(to me anyway)

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i have to agree with SquierLolz, i really didnt like it, i didnt even know what tuning it was. it was just really weird(to me anyway)

I know that this song might be weird and unusual for people not used to dissonance. It was composed mostly in augumented so I was going for a haunting vibe. So take that in mind when reviewing it.
What the hell was that? I guess it would be ok for someone who listens to that kind of music, to me that was just plain weird
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i like some of the elements, such as the clean guitar, drums and bass but i didn't like the distorted guitar.

the distorted guitar was using too many dissonances when it comes to dissonances i firmly believe less is more. You could have made it much 'darker' or 'haunting' if you had used less dissonances and used them in a less 'obvious' way.

although i didn't really like it as an entire piece of music i understand and respect what you were trying to do.
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Now, I am a fan of the avant-garde. And let be congratulate you on making something in the true spirit of being experimental and progressive.

However, (this may be just a personal opinion) There is no sense of implied pulse you know. Maybe I'm analysing this wrong but in say, Jazz improvisation there are so many different subdivisions of eight possible that a good rhythm section can sound "Out of time" and rather polyrhythmic while still some how creating a collective interpretation of the pulse.

I guess what I'm saying is its all well and good having dissonance and odd time signatures, but I felt that this lot bordered on the random rather than the rhythmically interesting. Incidentally don't get me wrong, you had some damn nice riffs hidden in there, and I think personally I would have spent more time trying to express the rhythmic potential of the piece.

Apart from that little personal niggle there over all this was an alright piece of music. I can tell you've spent time on this, and I'm not suggesting you change a bit of it to comply with what another musician says (considering its your musical expression and not anyone else's, in other words what makes you unique), but it might be nice for some of your other pieces to fully explore the possiblities of creating a piece with a sense of free time (if you see what I mean) where it could swing either way a way from the pulse, but still maintains that particular groove.

Or something..

lol As I said before this whole thing is probably my ears analysing what you meant to achieve with this wrong. Feel free to ignore anything I've said.

EDIT: and as some of the others above me have said, Dissonance is infinitely more haunting when used in contrast to some more "standard" harmony (which could still sound dark when done right, for sure). Think about toning it done in places (not because I can't apriciate dissonant music, 'cus I can, but there is definately a point where it gets almost too overwhelming you know)


I realise I may be confusing people on my whole pulse/groove argument. While it does have a good sense of time in the drum part, it feels a bit too awkward in places for my liking, hope that clears things up a bit
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I really liked it.

Only criticism is that a few of the 5/4 parts sounded like you just threw them in there for extra complicity. Don't know if that's a word, but you get the point.

And no, I don't expect a crit back for this. Just though I'd leave a small comment on it.

Good job.
mmm..., not reall sure what to think off this one. you normally come up with some great stuff but this one is very different. the guys that posted afew posts b4 said it perfectly. whith the whole haunting dissonance. less is more
I felt you actually had some pretty good grooves somewhere in there (ex. bars 4-7) however, my opinion is kind of Of_Wolves, i didnt really enjoy the the randomness time sigs, but that may be based on personal preference