Ok, so I have a Jackson DK2M and I am soooo sick of the floyd rose and the weak sound of that damn thing, so I'm thinking of getting a new one if I end up playing shows and stuff with this band I'm in right now. I'm looking to spend around $700, either new or used, preferably used because I can find cooler stuff. Basically I play hardcore, stuff like Defeater, The Carrier, Converge, The Minor Times, etc. I run a VHT 50/CL through mesa cabs so that's what I'd be playing through. I want a guitar with a really thick, heavy, and punchy tone. I'm not a huge fan of Les Pauls though.

Basically I've been thinking of these: A Rickenbacker 650 off of Ebay, Random used sg off of CL or something, either a regular or a baritone fender jaguar h-h, I was also thinking maybe looking into getting one of those Eastwood Mosrite remakes. Not sure though. What would you guys advise me to do...well at least to check out.
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Check out some LTD 1000 series. Either a Viper or M shape. They are really really popular with hardcore bands. Really chunky tone. Some of the best guitars you can get in that price range.

Schecter Hellraisers or Blackjack ATX's are very similar too.

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