my friend was playing my guitar the other day and was freaking out because my action was high. This is my first guitar and had fret buzz so i raised the action a bit back when i got it. I explained this to him but he responded by saying i should lower it and saying something like you shouldnt have it high and it was bad and what not. Is it a big deal to have high action? It doesn't bother me at all.
Not if it doesn't bother you
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It's not bad. It just makes it easier to play if you have a low action.

However, the higher the action, the less fret buzz.
w/e the heck you want-if you like it high then fine. if you owntune a lot then id kepp it high enough to avoid the inevitable fret buzz
either way its bad - i dont know animals
what type of guitar is it?

maybe we can do a couple of things to set it up a little better.

where do you get buzz when you lower the action?

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I'm guessing your guitar has 9 gauge strings on it. Put a set of 10's on and you can lower the action back down without the buzz. It's worked on 2 of my guitars.