so i found this faded explorer on craigslist and ive wanted one for a while but im a little leery of the faded one. ive heard the only difference is the finish but ive also heard theyre a lesser quality. does anyone have experience with one. is the quality the same? any other info you can lend me?
well people say they are of lesser quality because they scratch a bit easier, so when people pick them up at Gc they see that it is full of scratches from 10 year old thinking they are Slash. I've tried them, they're alright, I just prefer the nitro. But if you buy the guitar you can always have a full nitro finish applied by a luthier.
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The quality is mostly the same, it's just they tend to use lower-grade pieces of wood in them. Most guitar brands do this when a guitar isn't being bought for it's looks. It's fine in theory, the problem is that piece of wood which are less visually appealing also tend to be less tonally appealing too.
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I've got a Faded Gibson V and my friend has a Standard Gibson V and they sound the same. They both play really good. The finish is the only difference we can find in the 2. Gibsons quality control has been bad recently so play that Explorer first and if you like it buy it.