So im looking for a phaser around £50 - £60. It would need to sound good with distortion and clean sounds.
I live in Northern Ireland so it would need to be a generally widely available pedal. I was looking at electro harmonix at both the small stone and nano small stone phasers. What is the difference between these two apart from size? like do they sound different. Also is there any others that would be good. I play a wide range of music but a lot of Foo Fighters Muse and older stuff like the Eagles
The Nano Stone has less of a volume drop than the Small Stone. I'd recomend that. You might wanna look into the ModTone Atomic Phaser, but that's less widely available.

Matt Bellamy does use a Phase 90, but I'm personally not a fan of it. You might be, though.

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Phase 90's are awesome, especially with the R28 mod which cuts out the mid boost of the new models, and makes it sound like the old script logos.
Small Stone - they are going to stop making them soon.

I know Blackout Effectors is coming out with a copy of a Small Stone with added variability, and more versatility.

You could also try to look for a used Flying Pan, and pay a little bit more for that?
maybe the mxr custom shop phase 90 thats supposed to be a copy of the old script version. supposed to sound a bit better than the regular one, even with the r28 mod (or so ive heard). if you like the phase 90, try this one out (even if it does cost a bit more than your budget). id say try out both a phase 90 and small stone to see which you prefer, as those are the 2 most widely available phasers in/around your budget. each has a distinct sound though, so you have to see which one you like.