alright, so im not familiar with amp specifications and the pros and cons of each model so i need some help in picking a new amp
the type of music i like to play is indie, rock type. bands such as: the strokes, the killers, the arctic monkeys, bloc party, oasis,

im trying to find an amp that can give a good sound like the bands above
i looked at the Vox Valvetronix VT30 30W 1x10. do you think this would work?
UMmm.... budget please.
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For those bands, you most likely want something Fender-style, Class A/B. I know for sure that The Strokes use Fender Hot Rod DeVilles, and idk about the other ones too much. A Fender Pro Jr. or Blues Jr. with an overdrive pedal should be good, depending on what kind of guitar you have. I would try out any sort of modelling amp before you buy it, just to be sure you can get the sound you want, as most modelling amps seem geared more towards cleans and hard rock/heavy metal, not indie and light-gain situations.
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Try orange amps. For a guitar try a tele or a strat

I'm guessing his budget isn't that high, considering he's looking at the Vox Valvetronix.
my budget is up to 350$ on my guitar is an epiphone les paul starter
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mmh, the valvetronix is maybe one of the best in your price range, or you could look at cheap tube amps, such as blackhearts, there's also the blackstar ht-5 that looks great