Hey, I'm the lead guitarist of the band F/K\R. The lyrics for this song have been rewritten twice, and they were in the process of being rewritten when we recorded all of our songs, so there were no vocals on it. The rhythm guitarist/singer finally wrote lyrics for it, so I decided to record MYSELF singing them, to show him the vocal style that I think fit best. I'm not really asking you to judge my voice, just the style of vocals, and if it fits with the song. I would like to say it is almost like a lower range of Alice Cooper? I dunno.. Well, the song is in my profile named Dare to Defy, and the lyrics are also there if you want to see them. You can check out our other songs (with the actual singer) on the MySpace in my sig. Oh by the way, this was recorded on my $20 mic in my room. :\
Quote by stephen_rettie
so your going for a kinda spoken word whisper style?
sorry man sounds awefully cheesey imo.

Understood. What do you THINK would fit best though? This wasn't just a thread to critique the vocals, it's obviously not finished, but I was more hoping to find out what the vocals SHOULD be like, any suggestions?
Don't worry about style, just let your singer use his normal singing voice. The melodies are decent. If the singer just projects it will sound fine. If that doesn't sound "heavy" enough, then you can try adding a slight crunch or growl.
i actually like the rhythm and the melody of the vocals, but if you just sang with power and strength instead of whispering/talking it'd be cooler. I envision Iron Maiden style vocals. Or even AC/DC rock style shouting. It'd definitely give balls to the singing since the music is already pretty rockin'. I agree with shortyafter, but yeah good melody and rhythm, just project more.

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