so i have a line 6 spider III 15 watt amp, used it for practicing, and im looking to upgrade to possibly a small gig amp. I've looked at the peavey vypyr 75w combo because of many positive reviews on UG. However i have a digitech rp250 pedal, and having a modeling amp with it seems kind've redundant... So should i ditch the rp250 and get the vypyr? or ditch the vypyr and get an amp that accepts pedals more readily? or keep both? any help would be greatly appreciated!
Get a small tube amp. It will rape a vypyr and goes great with pedals.
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Get a small tube amp. It will rape a vypyr and goes great with pedals.

Not to well with multi-effects it won't.
Go for the Vypr and sell the Digitech or try go for a Crate V12 (I think it's that model, the small wattage one with a footswitch for the channels?) used or new with a good OD like a Tubescreamer/Bad Monkey.
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Sell the Digitech and get a Sanpera II pedal to go with the Vypyr
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hmmm... apparently the raven rg100 goes well with pedals, but all ive seen on here is a negative response, minus some pluses by owners. suggestions?