So I'm going to build me a cab, and I was wondering about the types of jacks one can use. I saw there were 2 pole connectors and 3 pole connectors, from what I've gathered the cab just uses a 2 pole connector? And also, is it possible to use a 3 pole connector and leave one of the poles unused?
Cause I want to use one of those neutrik locking jacks, and they're all 3 pole connectors I believe.

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yes you can use a three pole jack but it is not advisable if you want to take it anywhere as the spacings are different and you could get a short if someome plugs a two pin jack in.You could use an XLR (neutric ) plug using two pins only as they are rated at 15A 120V but a better bet for a locking speaker connection is a Speakon connector which is designed for this job and has become one of the standard connectors. Better still wire up one of each in parallel so you can use either,