okay, lil semi-intro, since ive never formally posted anything on these forums until now. I'm samuel, hello. :]

now uhm, be extra critical. dont tell me what you liked, tell me wat sticks out.
tell me what could be elaborated upon, tell me where the syntax is trite or unneccessary. CRITISIZE ME.

and ill be sure to do the same. lol k thx bie

'Rock, Paper, Scissor Cut

When I need some cash,
I go beg by the street.
I crawl towards the congressmen.
Sometimes they throw me a dime.
So, I begin to dismember.
Stealing all that I can.
A depression is due again,
A good 'coming' down.

The country whom I feel eternal love for,
Cannot hear my family cry.
But I hear them, and the sound is faint.
As they starve, and crave, and copulate.

And I say-
No problem, no problem.
No problem, no problem.

A foreclosing of homes,
I stand on my former lawn,
Seeing others just like me.
Why, a blank look on their face?
They call for a bailing out.
They all remember my name.
They come with the torches, now.
And take my children away.

Only then I see; Now, I've learned to agree.
With all my former enemies.
At least I know deaths on my side.

So, I say...
They're right!
No problem, No problem.
No problem, No problem.