ok, so i had my guitar across my back and was helping my friend carry cupcakes up 4 flights of stairs, when the strap came off, and my baby whent crashing down an entire flight of CONCRETE stairs, fourtunetly the floyd and neck where safe, but its got some nasty chips and scrapes on it, is it possible to get it refinished or venired and how much would it cost?
depends how bad, pics?

id say about 50- hundreds of bucks. like i said
pics would help and depends how bad.
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Whhhhyy wouldn't you just put the guitar down in the first place? : | I have strap locks and I always keep one hand on it when I'm doing stuff like that...
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Depends on how expensive the guitar was. If it's an el cheapo, then I wouldn't worry about it. Consider it a lesson learned and move on. If it's a $3000 Gibson, then I'd say you might want to consider finding a luthier who works on these types of problems.
it was a $300 esp m-100 fm, i tried putting pics up, but it didnt work, i mean its nothing i cant live with, but later on once i upgrade the pick ups and such i might consider fixing it up