Right now I'm leaning towards the D'Addario because of the EXP coating, which Martin strings don't have(as far as I can see).

What do you guys think, which would you get?

Thanks for the responses.
Experiment with different sets and find out what sounds best to your ears. String tone is highly subjective, and what sounds good to me, may not to you.
Also coated strings are another point of debate. Some people hate them, others swear by them. I like Elixer strings, but only the Nanoweb ones, not the Polywebs. To me, the polywebs feel like plastic under my fingers, not at all what I'm used to from steel strings. To you, you might like it.
I like EXP's. I've never tried Martin strings (next time I buy strings I'm gonna try them out), but the EXP's are great because they don't actually have a literal coating like Elixirs and such do, which means that they won't have the coating start to wear off and dangle from the strings, they'll just wear out. And if you clean them properly, they'll last you for about 6 months.

Of course, I didn't clean them after playing, so they lasted me about 4.

My personal favorites are light guage phosphor bronze D'Addarios, but they aren't really the longest lasting strings. In fact, looking at my guitar, I could probably use a string change pretty soon.
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Do not buy Elixir strings they will break within the first few weeks. I have owned many Elixir strings and they all snapped very quickly. I'm not a heavy player and when I changed the strings, I made sure it wasn't too tight or too loose. Even customers at the local guitar store complain about Elixirs breaking quickly. I'd recommend either DR Coated Strings or Dean Markley Blue Steel. These strings never failed me and I usually change my strings every three months or so.