Ok, for the guitar I have about made up my mind on a Epiphone G-400 Vintage. But other suggestion are needed I mean I can't go into a store and just look at one guitar. I play Rock and Metal. I just list those two because I play many of the sub-genres for both, my budget is $350usd for the guitar.

As for the amp I do not know what to look for I've seen a few Marshall MGs and Peavy Vypers and ValveKings. My budget is $350usd
Amp suggestion ... don't buy the MG
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^Correct, either of the other two will do you fine
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Don't buy an MG. Just don't. If you are looking for a guitar though I would recommend a Schecter. My Schecter Gryphon cost me like $300 or $350. I've put posts that vary, but the price was somewhere around there. It has been three years and this guitar still hasn't failed me. The guitar is here.

It is a truly great guitar. It can cover all styles, except for really heavy stuff. Depending on what amp you put it through. The pickups are good, duncan designed HB-103's,moderate hotness, can get a decent pinch outta them. I can use it for blues and ska, the coil splitter helps alot. It's got great cleans and sounds fine with distortion. The guitar has twenty four jumbo frets, 25.5" scale neck, rosewood fretboard, I think the neck is maple. Bolt on neck. Grover tuners, Mahogany Body with an arched flamed maple top. String thru body.

This guitar is certainly worth a lot more. Oh also, it is built like a tank! I've owned it for 3 years and with various scratches and pieces missing, it still plays fine. My only complaint was the wiring job done inside of mine, but I took it in, got it fixed and now it plays perfectly. This guitar is great. Just buy it. Buy it now!!!
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