Hi! Im completely new in the forum, and this is my first thread. First of all, im from mexico, so my english is not quite well. But i hope you can understand me.

Ive been playing guitar for about four-five years. I can play some intermediate songs, and i know a few scales. But i have reached a point where i being felt frustrated.
The first two years i have a great advance, but now im stuck. I dont know whats next. I cant play solos from songs like... umm... Sweet child o mine. Im just in the basics about music theory. I feel my practice unproductvie. So, i need some advice.
Maybe im not practicing what i need, or maybe i need a teacher or a music partner or a band; or maybe i need to read some stuff. I dont know. Well, i hope you can help me

And if there is anyone in this forum that knows spanish... well, it will be nice to talk about music and guitar in my language! English is do difficult jojo
All I can really tell you to do is practice as much as possible. "Tia lo siento, no habla Espanol"

Did I type that right?
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get your self a teacher
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Yo no se decir. Yo estoy al momento mismo. Yo acabo de escribir mis propias canciones pequena.
yo mira la artículo al alto a la pagina.

I don't know what to say. I am at the same point. I just write my own little songs. I look at the articles at the top of the page.

im sorry if i messed this up.
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Maybe you should get a teacher, they help you get back on track on learning the guitar.

good luck
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