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I'll start, I usually wear a sweater, skinny jeans(levi's 510s or 511s), solid gray vans slip-ons, sometimes a sweatshirt, and sometimes a half buttoned plaid shirt with a shirt under it.

In summer maybe I'll wear a band t-shirt or something with the same jeans.

Now it's your turn, go.
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i dress like any other average joe.
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Basketball shorts, plain white tee shirt, socks, basketball shoes.
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Green, because a vest has no sleeves.

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I dress cool.
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Jeans and band shirts.

In summer it's shorts and band shirts.
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t-shirt, unbuttoned flannel or dress shirt, jeans, and slip-on slipper/flip-flop combination, with a patch-pattern afro hat backwards
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Neutral Milk Hotel
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Minus The Bear
The Replacements
Bright Eyes/Conor Oberst

Similar to this.
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I normally wear flares and baggy pirate-style shirts, or whatever 'quirky' style t-shirts I can find.

Oh, and I'm a big fan of bangles and red converse too
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Skinny Levis, Skateboarding/ Band shirt, and my Vans Half Cab skateboarding shoes, they're trashed

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T shirt - Jeans - Nike Skateboard Shoes - Rainbow Afro Wig

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Seriously, though, just like like any other person, really, there's nothing strange about my clothes.
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I find that I like to wear clothes. I wear them in the Summer, I wear them in the Winter. I also wear them in the Fall and in the Spring. Clothes are nice. I also wear socks.
skating clothes i guess

baggy jeans, studded belts/fashion belts, a skate brand or band t-shirt, some kind of hoody, converse/vans/skate shoes ...
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however I want.

Distressed, sometimes torn jeans.
Band tees or other tees. Sometimes collared "preppy" shirts.
and I always wear a beanie.
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Similar to this.

Similar to that

but in purple.
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I wish I could dress like an Aristocrat, but unfortunately financial and social limitations prevent me from doing so. So it's just T-shirts and Jeans....for now.
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T-shirt (I like to wear eye catching ones)
A coat if it's cold

S'about all really.

I'd love to wear more suits though.
Bootcut Old Navy jeans (blue or black)
Black t-shirt (preferably with a band logo on it)
White undershirt
Black "skater-style" shoes (usually World Industries or Airwalk)
If the weather calls for it, black hoodie.
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One of my numerous band Tshirt, jeans (with or without holes at the knees), Vans-type sneakers. No flip-flops allowed. Hmm, I should sig that (the flip-flop part)...
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Similar to this.

Whoa!!! Homeboy be stylin' and profilin'! He also got his bling on!!!
Band Shirts
Skate/Surf Shirts (from pacsun)
Solid colored V-necks
Super Skinny Jeans
A pair of my vans ( i have 13 pairs)
Zip up hoodie.
Usually just jeans and a random strap top, or band t shirt with converses..and a hoody, or a leather jacket if i'm trying look smarter lol..
Jeans -- American Eagle (Favorite Boyfriend) [only jeans I wear, and only thing I purchase in their store]
Band T-shirt because they're comfy -- Hot Topic, Spencers, Concerts
Hoodie -- Hot Topic, Spencers, Concerts, JcPenneys, Kohls
Converse, Vans, or Punkroses -- Multiple stores, mostly Journeys
Celtic Trinity Knot Necklace -- Irish Shop in Melbourne Florida [wear it everyday]
Black or pink and white studded belt -- Hot Topic, Spencers, JcPenneys

Occasionally I wear a tank top with my jeans, but rarely do I wear anything other than jeans and a t-shirt. I'm kinda...laid back? Dunno, but it's comfy. =] Everyonce in a while, you'll catch me in a jean shirt.
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Naturally I have a lot of band t-shirts, but aside from that I have an extensive collection of hideous/obnoxious shirts that I buy from thrift stores. Normally I try to dress as "loud" as possible. I also collect socks, which I never match. My favorites have kittens on them

So basically, I dress like some weird guy no one in their right mind would ever want to talk to.