vocals could of gone up a touch at the start, maybe a touch less reverb on everything. and maybe a touch less 5k (the s's really come through)

Backing vocals are good. And i cant hear if there are drums or not, they are sort of indistinct... i can hear a snare but yeah. Also... i know its not your song but personally and his is more a me thing but i hate whatever the cymbals are doing about a third of the way in and at the end.

Drums could of gone up a bit with less reverb, cymbals down a touch, that being said it might sound in proportion with the kit up.

Other than that its good. But those cymbals don't sound great to me personally.

The guitars are really good, vocals are good, bass could use a bit more attack and a bit more fattening up but thats personal preference. Maybe noise gate whatever is making the buzz at the VERY end.

Just trying to be helpful and i'm listening on monitors so i'm probably picking up more stuff than your general HIFI system.