I've got a standard Squire Strat and I just want to know what wood is it made of?
Like the body, fretboard, neck
Also could you tell me what pickups it has aswel?


BTW I wasn't sure where to put this so sorry if It's in the wrong place.
maple neck n ur fretboard is either rosewood or maple
pickups single coil i dont think squier uses humbuckers do they?
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OK thanks, I think the fretboard is Rosewood. I haven't seen a Squier with humbuckers yet.
Yamaha pacificas come with a humbucker and two single pickups, they are very similar in sounds and almost the shape

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OK thanks, I think the fretboard is Rosewood. I haven't seen a Squier with humbuckers yet.

I found two of them at Guitar Center:
Vintage Modified HSS
Affinity Fat Strat

They also have some Teles setup with HH and SH configurations.
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Why are you guys saying they don't come with humbuckers? Squier makes Fat Strats just like Fender does.

TS, a humbucker is a pickup that looks like 2 single coils glued together. So do you have a big rectangular-esque pickup in the bridge, or a thin one mounted at an angle?
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to TS a standard strat is a maple neck, maple fingerboard (light) or rosewood fingerboard (dark), alder body, and three single coils
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Those squires actually looked nice, but i played one that looked like the 1st one this weekend and was dissappointed.
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