I play in mostly standard, half step, whole step down, and sometimes drop d and c. I currently use ernie ball skinny top heavy bottom .10s. Are there strings that would suit me better or is what I have good enough?
Listen to CKY.
Doesn't that depend on how long your guitar is? Mine is 25.5 and My bottom string feels pretty floppy if i go much farther bellow D. I use D'Adarrio 11's.
I personally like 10s

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Used to use those.

Now I go with GHS Boomers, their "GBL" or "Light" set, from .10-46.
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Well, in reality the tension changes on the neck are enough in between standard and drop C that you would want to play with heavier strings on the bottom, so maybe use a step up thickness on your top couple fo strings. The issue is really that you are missing out on some of the snap and substantiality on the lower strings by loosing them so. However if you are fine with the feel just stay the way you are.
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Yeah, it's whatever suits you really, and whether the guitar is set up for that particular gauge. I'm mainly at half step and I use D'adarrio .009 - .042 and they feel great, bends easy etc.
10-52's should work. If you feel they're to loose, then try 11-52's or something on that line.
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i Really like the GHS boomer .10s aswell. Give those a shot theyre spectacular. Ive never tried the Ernie ball before, so i cant judge. But you wont be disapointed by the boomers!
I'll stick with the .10s, but I'll give those boomers a shot when I need new strings. That should soon though, mine are like 6-7 months old. Just for future reference though, if I wanted to go to .11s, would I have to adjust anything? I have a squire strat that came with .09s, but since I've used .10s for so long I was wondering if my guitar kind of "settled in" with those that the jump from .10s to .11s wouldn't be as big going from .09s to .11s.
Listen to CKY.
No the jump won't be that big, but you might have to do a little tweaking. But I'd go with Power slinkys, I love my ernie ball strings. I have a set on my x-plorer, which when I took it in to get set up I figured what the hell I'm starting to like/use drop tunings more so throw some power slinkies on it, 11-48 I think. They play like a dream in drop C which is what it's tuned to now.
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