Well I've had my Epiphone Les Paul Standard for a while now and I kinda want to look at a new guitar. Right now I have a Vox Valvetronix VT15 so I don't really think I need a new amp because all i do is practice in my room.

So I mostly play classic rock and sometimes some lighter stuff (aerosmith, led zepplin, nirvana, and a little jack johnson and light stuff like that)

So I was thinking maybe looking into a strat of some sort since I already have a les paul for a little heavier stuff.

So can anyone tell me either which guitar or something else I should get?

EDIT: Price range probably from $700-$1000 give or take about $100 ( U.S. Money)

thx guys
I have a Mexican Strat and think it's great. It doesn't do hard metal very well, but if you have the LP for that then no worries. An american strat would be my choice and if you ever want to sell it you will have some resale value.
i dont have a good strat (my squire sucks balls) but i have an ibanez hollow body. my band plays classic rock a lot and my guitar works out well for me. it runs about $500. look up "artcore 95" on guitarcenter.com
I think you should get a guitar that's versatile. Who knows what you might end up listening to in future?!