On my electric guitar, the 13th fret on the B string is making a really strange noise that sounds like it is hitting something

none of the other frets do this and i would appreciated advice. thanks
Fret buzz. It happens a little on the 13th fret b string on my esp too. I can see that the 13th fret is set a tiny bit lower than all the others. Tightening your truss rod might help. If not, deal with it or raise your action.
What i have is like severe fret buzz

i thing the string is bent where it touches the metal bar between the 12th and 13th

Should I just replace the strings you think?
You should just tighten the truss rod, changing the strings won't do much. If you've never done it before have a pro set it up for you so he'll correct the intonation too while he's at it

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yeah, I just remembered like a week ago my amp fell on my guitar in the car

It bent the strings so i replaced them and now it's fine

I do think i need the bow tightened though because i have alot of buzz still
uhm for minor fret buzz i'd try raising the action first before you start adjusting the truss rod

if you're unsure of what you're doing with the truss rod you might end up warping the neck
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