Hey im curious if transcribe can improve Relative pitch at all?

Im a little unsure on how to transcribe a song. I mean i use a program which will slow the song down and i will listen to it and eventually figure out how to play it note for note. But is that all transcribing really is? Or to improve RP, should i spend extra time analyzing intervals, and chord progressions, etc.
Just keep transcribing and it will come.

It's EXACTLY the same principle as talking. Just listen and transcribe.

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Yeah, learn to recognize scale degrees when they're played in context. Same goes for chords.

Then when you jam or something, you won't need to ask "what's the progression", you'll hear it once, and be like "Oh, that's dominant, that's supertonic, that's blah blah blah".
That's why the majority of all the songs I learn I do by ear. I use Amazing Slow Downer to hear the riffs and all that but use your ear so you can improve it. Over time it'll get better and you can literally pinpoint what their playing to exactly that on guitar.