Here in UG I've heard wonders about guitars made in Japan.

But what about Korean-made guitars, how is the quality, how good are the materials used?

EDIT: Specificaly LTD guitars.

Thanks for your help.

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Depending on the company they can be quite good. However, since Cort Korea got closed, MIK guitars are being moved to a lot of Chinese factories.

EDIT: LTDs are good guitars. The flat top EC feels a bit odd imo but i've played a few LTDs and they feel nice. Neck on the 7 string is a bit thick for my tastes though.
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I've got 2. I'd put them on par with MIM Fenders I've picked up. A little better in some cases, but not as good as MIJ. Depends on the guitar i imagine.
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My Schecter Devil Custom was made is Korea and I must say, its flawless. No quality issues whatsoever.
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Yeah I have a Korean schecter as well and it's perfect.
Depends on how good the company wants the quality to be.
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I have a BC Rich NJ Beast from Korea and its built really well, never crapped out, paint never faded components never faded or rusted so the one i got was good
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I think the order goes (descending) US=Japan>Korea=Mexico>=China=Indonesia>=India. As you can see, Korea is up there. Some real top-notch stuff comes out of there (High-end Schecters and LTD's for example, as well as high end BC Rich).
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my strat was made in korea and i love it. the quality is great except for a couple of slightly rough spots on the neck and headstock. well worth the money i paid.
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Frankly, the quality is brilliant. If you pay what you would for a MiJ guitar, you'll get an equal or better instrument, in my experience. The problem is that most companies only make their cheap guitars there, whereas in reality, they make some amazing higher end stuff.

I'm living in Seoul at the moment and I have to say...they keep the best stuff for the domestic market. The stuff I've played just blows out anything else I've ever played, especially in terms of value for money.
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PRS SEs are made in korea.. i own one and the build quality is just flawless.. it's my main axe!.. it's better than my brother's ibanez RG made in indonesia..

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My ESP ltd M-107 7 string was made in Korea after setting it up and changeing out the pickups and tuners its one of my favorite guitars.
Can't help on the LTD front (only LTD I've played for more than 10 minutes is the lowest end MH model) but my Korean Ibanez is great and other Korean guitars I've played (mostly Ibanez to be honest) are also good quality.
Higher end LTD's are great guitars, and they're from Korea. Anything from the 400 series and up is great, if I go by my own experiences.

However, aren't the newer LTD's made in Indonesia?
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Here in UG I've heard wonders about guitars made in Japan.

But what about Korean-made guitars, how is the quality, how good are the materials used?

EDIT: Specificaly LTD guitars.

Thanks for your help.

i have two LTDs (Truckster and EX400) and they are Korean made and both are wonderful and play great
I don't know, there's some Chinese made stuff that's pretty good, rivals the Japanese stuff at times, like Blueridge acoustics. The Chinese Squiers these days are hands down. I think it really comes down to the the quality control and quality of the factory they come out of. I always swore I'd stick with Japanese, Korean and Mexican made instruments for quality's sake, but in 2008 I got two Chinese made guitars that give the rest of my family a run for its money.

What it really comes down to is what company is licensing the products, I guess.
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My only experience was with an Epiphone Vintage G-400 (SG), korean made circa 2005. Soon after purchase I noticed an awful flaw on the headstock, went back to retailer and they exchanged it. The new one was perfect.
Indeed, this guitar was very nice to play and had a "vintage tone". I think it was the time when budget Epiphones were at its best, not as expensive as before but also with good quality in general. In the end I bought a Gibson SG and sold the Epi, the guy who got it liked it a lot.
Now they produce in China and I don't know about the quality. But I do know that they are stripping down the same models, so I don't like Epis anymore.
My B.C. Rich Beast, my Schecter Hellraiser, and my old Ibanez AX7221 were all korean and worked great.

Other than that I had 2 godins (U.S. made), and a 1975 Ibanez Les Paul from Japan which sounds awesome. Beyond that, never had a problem with anything japanese or south korean

companies like schecter and jackson let you get the same specs virtually as their american line for a fraction of the cost, but the quality is still there because south korea and japanese culture has a lot more pride in handmanufactured goods, so they care about their work over there.
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My Ibanez Talman (circa 1997?) is made Korea and is Pure Awesome! Pickups Are Good, Neck is sweet. Paint is good too.

PS Conserning ESPs, the one I have played are great guitars. I Reccomend the PT Aviator Series. They look like planes
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I don't hold anything that says 'made in the USA' with too high regard. Probably made by immigrants anyway.
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Something to keep in mind with Korean and to a lesser extent Indonesian and chinese guitars; the biggest issue is fit and finish, IE fretwork, finishing jobs, and nut work. Those are minor things in many people's eyes when it comes to getting them perfect, so they are rushed and it is sometimes therefore not the best on assembly line instruments. Another thing is given most guitars from that region are lower end, the materials may not be as good. I've owned a few Korean guitars, and currently only have kept one. A Fender Koa Tele. Pretty nice, but the skunk stripe will never be smooth to the neck and the fretwork had a few rough spots, along with the nut being cut like crap.
I really want one of the Schecter RAF guitars as I am a major second world war history buff. I want it just for the wall
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My Schecter C-1 Classic says Made in South Korea too. Of course, I assume all C-1s are probably. Anyway, I say the same: the quality and finish is superb.

Funny thing is I'm half South Korean too... maybe my cousins made it for me lol jk
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The Squier Tele Customs II P90's are nice guitars. Not as polished as more expensive guitars but they are great to play with a nice low action. Well worth the money for me.
ive got a 12 string kimbara specially made in korea model no.24/w
how much should i price it?

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My Ibanez was made in Korea and it's very well-built for a £270 guitar, setup and intonation were pretty much spot-on out of the box, and the only flaw I can find is that the tone pots have no taper to them at all - they're either 'off' or so 'on' that the treble makes your ears bleed. But it's a very well-built instrument.

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I have a JEM *Jr* 555 which is made in Korea, I absolutely love it. Although I do need to do some customization to it, still it is pretty much my love.

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I don't hold anything that says 'made in the USA' with too high regard. Probably made by immigrants anyway.

I'm not going to rouse you out for your blatant trolling but it was an american who came up with the idea of QUALITY CONTROL*. That's the issue here. Not the fact that it comes from a certain place or not. My experience with Ibanezs' and Epiphones made in Korea has been pretty hit and miss. You can't tell without playing one wether it's going to be a lemon or not. This is due to several different factories from three or four companies trying to make the same product for as cheap as possible so as to get more orders from Ibanez. QC goes out the window. The Japanese Ibanez is made by one company in one factory without any competition for orders of the elite models and hence consistent QC that is tangible.

*Unfortunately for american industry Professor Deming was largely ignored by all but the Japanese until the 80s. Now Japanese industry is synonymous with quality.