Opinions please?

It looks veryy nice!!
I just need some opinions on it to help me with my hunting!
I would probably get the Black/Yellow finish on it, not the Explosion finish.
Thanks a lot! :]

Mahogany Top/Body
25.5" Scale w/24 frets
Set Mahogany Neck
Rosewood Fingerboard
Dime Razor Inlays
Grover Tuners
Black Chrome Hardware
DBD Traction Knobs
Lic. Double-Locking Floyd Rose Bridge
EMG 81/85 pickups
Hardshell case included
imho its overated.. the trem isnt bad but its not good either...
just seems too much cash on such little quality, would recommend an alexi sig..better price for quality..or if you need 2 pickups a jackson rr3 OR rr5fr are good bets.
failing that esp sv...
I have a regular Razorback Two-tone and totally love the thing. I've posted many opinions on this guitar actually, try searching for some threads about it.
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