I've been playing for a bit over a year now and I wanted to get some new gear. Problem is that I don't have a lot of out down for gear so I was wondering if I should buy a new a amp or bass or maybe you guys can suggest some compromise between the two. I currently have a small 10w practice amp with a cheap squier j-bass and was hoping to perhaps get a schecter bass or an acoustic 100w combo. Any ideas?
I would go for the new amp first if your cash is tight. A good amp can make even a crappy Squier sound acceptable. Or you could go for the amp as well as replacement pickups. Throw some nice Seymour Duncan or DiMarzios in there. That would also be cost effective and give you great tone.

So yeah, that's basically what I did. I still have yet to get a nice bass but my Ashdown gets me by quite nicely for clubs. The Ampeg BA115 is also a very nice amp to start on.
how much money u got dude
i play guitar and my first guitar was a squire and that was fine at first but as soon as i got my new esp after a few years with the esp its like a new world

but like the other post said, if your gigging u might want a new amp first.
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I got around $300. I think I am just gonna go for a new bass. Any ideas as for what bass?
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I got around $300. I think I am just gonna go for a new bass. Any ideas as for what bass?

For $300, a Squier Vintage Modified Jazz or VM Precision would be great. Maybe you could sell the bass you have now and help to fund some new pickups in the squier, and possibly some tuners. Those are the weakest parts of one of those basses, but they're not too bad stock. They sound GREAT for what you pay though, they're better than a MIM Fender if you ask me (both quality-wise and tone-wise).
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Don't buy the bass.

Get the Amp. When you're able to get yourself a good amp that you can really adjust and control its output, your bass will sound better, and you'll want to play more. That is unless your bass is absolute crap, but Squire makes respectable instruments, so I doubt that's really the case.
I would suggest getting on the Guitar Center mailing list. i get coupons and special sale event mailings all the time. Also, at my local guitar center they accicdentlly marked and Ibanez SRX3EX Bass 50% off and I picked it up. The manager was bummed but he new he had to give me the bass as marked. I then used a 10% off coupon on the purchase and walked away paying less than $200 for a $350 bass!

ALso Musicians Friend website has great mark downs on returned items and scratch and dent items. It's a great way to save some cash if you dont mind a ding or 2 on gear.