My Gibson SG low E string is buzzing rather badly. I have been observing it and realized it is hiting around the 4th fret when i strum. I have tried adjusting the action (i think thats what its called) I'll add a pic.

Anyway, It is messing with my recordings and i needed some help fixing this sound. Oh, I kinda wanted to know what model my Gibson SG is, if your good at classifying them. I haven't seen another like it.
looks real cheap to me compared to the sgs i have used...
but could just be a bad pic.
by 4th fret u mean the string is like buzzing against it... if you hold down fret 1 2 or 3...do they buzz or just go silent... what about pressing 7th fret..does it buzz at all there?
when i strum it open it hits around the 4th. but even when i play higher note that 4th, it sounds like crap. Just the entire Low E. Its a New String too.
is it a different size to your old string?
have you stretched ur new string in?
tbh i would get it looked at anyway, you can raise the action slight if u twist that thing you put in the post above ^^^^^^^
but then if it gets too high..it plays like crap anyway
same size

yea stretched it in.

i've raise the action like a mofo and the neck aint bend. I'll have to get it looked at CA House. Thank You Very Much.