Just moved and had to sell my amp.
Now I'm thinking of buying the X3 Live.

Can I use it without an amp and just use head phones?
Can't get the X3 and a new amp at the same time.


yes. you will need headphones with a 1/4 input jack though. or a converter.
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Yes, you certainly can as I use my GNX3000 that way. In fact, they sound a damn site better through headphones than any other way, which is why I only use mine now for practice with headphones and when using an amp I don't bother with it at all. Certainly as a practice tool it's unbeatable as no practice amp comes even close to the variety of things that the X3 Live, GNX3000, GT-10 or Tonelab can do, nor can they come close to the quality of sound you'll get through headphones with one of these. I swear, I have no idea why anyone even bothers with a practice amp when these are so good. What's more, you don't even need to spend as much as a decent practice amp as something like the Digitech RP series does an awful lot for very little money.
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Thanks for the quick replies.

I went and got the Pod XT instead, I think it's all I need at this point.