Pretty sick dude. Intro starts off with a sweet riff. I have to say, I really, really love that low tone you have. Obviously this will sound way better with some vox, but just alone sounds pretty sick already. The only thing I didn't like harmonized guitar on the tremolo riff. I think it was around 4:10, but it just didn't fit in my opinion so well. But other than that it was great! And thanks for the crit on my piece as well!
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arrgh.... My ears hurt! Just listened to Chavez, Was awesome. Great tone, great riff. could have done with some more variety, maybe a solo though, also the lyrics were a little bland Imo.... Get some vocals in there




Oh my god I cant get that riff outta my head, Dammit. teach me how to play maybe?
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Awesome riffs yer got there on Chavez, a nice groove throughout the song, and the transitions between riffs was pretty damn seamless. Ill check out the rest when I get back. I have no real critisism to part with except maybe get working on the vocals?

good stuff!

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