I have recently taken a big interest in lyrics, I have tons of emotions/inspiration/ideas of songs... I just have never written before, and I just don't know how. I attempted but it came out pretty bad.

Where should I start for learning? Does it take long to learn? Any advise?
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writing lyrics is a personal thing, and there is not 'right' or 'wrong' way. perhaps if you feel like the words you have written aren't quite good enough, you can always craft your work by going over it and seeing how you could improve it, maybe replace a few words with a single word, or replace a single word with a phrase. rhyming isn't necessary, so just because it isn't a perfect rhyme doesnt meant its bad.
one cant really learn to write lyrics, its just practice.., write a song a day, with in a month you should have some good stuff written.
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Hmmm. Good question. I write as well.
I'm gonna assume you play guitar. So, you know that moment when you're like "Woah, I got this great fckin idea for a riff" and then you pick up your guitar, play it and feel good later? Well, same with lyrics. When it hits you, it's time to write.

And ffs, not every line has to rhyme. Really. Write what's in your head and then think bout rhyming later. If you don't, who gives a fck?
And one last bit, try to stay focused and not stray too far from your ideas of the lyrics.
Happy writing.

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