For some reason when my amp is turned up high (its a 75 watt peavy vypyr) it blows air like a fan? Is this bad/why does it happen
i think it's just because the sound waves are physically pushing the air. happened to me once in GC when I didn't know the vol was up really high. scared the sh!t out of a few employees.
thats natural. it may mean your fairly close to speaker damage, but its like in the beggining of back to the future - amps can actually do that

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"Sound waves" are fluctuations in pressure (in this case, air pressure). Sound travels in longitudinal waves, which function in compressions and rarefactions.

Your speaker functions by a certain phenomena called "induction". I'll skip the boring parts, but this ultimately causes your speaker to push in and out (which causes the compressions/rarefactions).

Pushing something in and out (like a speaker cone) displaces air, which is what your are feeling.


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