I'm looking for a common brand of amps since I live in Canada, and I don't feel like ordering something special, I just want to go find it at the local places so I can test them out before I buy.

I'm looking at things like the Traynor YCV40 and YCV50blue, Fender Hot Rod Deluxe and Deville.

I play a lot of classic rock and precursors to metal like Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, 10 Years After, and Jimi Hendrix, Black Sabbath etc.

I want to keep it under a $1000 if possible.
I say a YCV50 Blue since it has awesome cleans and a little bit more gain than the ycv40 which should nail those stones and Hendrix type tones.
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Quote by Dirty_Civilian
What's the difference between that and the YCR 50?

Im not 100% sure but
the YCS is more versitile with the 15/50 watts switch and us/brit voicing..
they both sound a bit different.... i cant decide myself lol
but eh the YCS imo is pretty ugly
YCV50 Blue boyee Go play 'em in the shops and you'll see, it whoops
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Give the YCS 50 a try its a great amp for that i think. I own one and i love the way it sounds on both the clean and dirty channels. Imo the dirty channel on the YCS sounds better then the YCV but thats just my opinion. Try them both out, you won't be disappointed.