I don't know a whole bunch about tone :/
I used my neck pickup (a stock ibanez humbucker), clean channel (duh) on a laney lx12.
Bass 8 o' clock, mid 7 'o clock, and treble 10 'o clock.

On my guitar, volume 10 and tone 6-7 ish.


Sorry, it's a laney lx12, not lx20. lol
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Hey, I really like the tone you got. Great job, I'm not a huge Metallica person, but it sounded right to me.

If you could listen to "Overkill" on my profile it'd be great. =P

Great job, though.
Very nice job. My only comment is that on the lead part, you should try to not pick every note. Besides, that, perfect. 5/5
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Hmmm not sure why that link isn't working??? Then again i am only new here, if you check out my profile it's the only song there. Hopefully that helps.
There it is. I found it.

But it wasn't there when I entered before
Oh well.
Bit of reverb, to add to depth would've be nice.

Good cover nonetheless!