Well, I've been playing classical for about 7 years now. I recently decided to start acoustic but I realized I can't play a thing on it. I don't know what I'm doing wrong or whether I just need practice but I'm pretty good with classical...I've placed well in some local competitions. Is it just the big change between all finger picking to using a pick or something else? Has this happened to anyone else? If so, how did you solve this problem?
Same thing happened to me, just treat it like two separate instruments. Start from the very beginning, all it takes is practice to get better at a different style.
Using a plectrum is completely different from finger picking. You have to learn a completely new picking style right from the beginning. Of course you'll have difficulty. People don't use a plectrum because it's easy to use and it takes no skill or effort.

You'll have to think of your picking hand as a beginner if you've never used a plectrum before. That's what you have to work on. Your skill with fingering and chords will cross over easily but your right hand has to learn a whole new style of playing.
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are you talking about strumming chords? how can you be good at classical and not be able to strum chords?!

I am guessing you don't play classical.