Hello good people. I bought a gibson sg classic with P-90 pickups from Guitar Center a few days ago. After I played it for a while I noticed that the neck pickup is loose. If I hold the guitar in playing position I can wiggle the pickup back and forth between the neck and the bridge. Now I tightened the adjusting screws but all that did was raise and lower the pickup and didn't to much to stop the back and forth wobble.
Today I took it back to Guitar Center and the guy I talked to said that the wobble was normal and if I brought it back in this week sometime their repair guy could look at it and maybe put some foam or something underneath the pickup to tighten it down.
This doesn't make a lot of sense to me because the bridge pickup is in nice and tight. Is this normal with P-90's? Just want what you guys think, thanks in advance.
Probably normal. Realize that the pickups sort of float and can be adjusted up and down. There's a spring that keeps them up in position. As you tighten the adjustment screw, the spring will compress and the pickup will drop into the routed cavity inside the guitar body. FWIW, don't adjust the pickups unless you know what you're doing. If you get them too high, or too close to the strings, the magnetism will dampen string vibrations and kill your sustain. Some pickups, like the active EMGs, for example, are designed to be adjusted as close to the strings as you can get them.