Ok so i was looking around and i found this at stewmac's.


Can this fit my MIM Strat? Will it stay in tune close to a floyd?

If not what can keep my guitar in tune? I tired the string knot trick (somewhat works but not fully). The Vaseline and pencil trick on the nut and string tree and it somewhat works.

Will Locking tuners work???




I can't afford a floyd because i can't afford the installtion What can make my guitar stay in tune near perfect?
I'm not sure if it will fit on your Strat, but for tuning stability you will most certainly need to install a Floyd Rose or Super Vee locking nut.
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yeah but all i use the tremolo is for stuff to raise the pitch really. every now and then i like to divebomb for songs.
just go all out and buy a floyd =\
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Well if i get a floyd im gonna make non reccesed so its Flushed. If i do play to do use a floyd is there a template for the locking nut and the bridge so i know how much to dill in?
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+1, and if you do get an OFR, get a Schaller OFR.
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