Me and my band recorded this song a little bit ago and were looking for some criticism to see if were going in a good direction. It's mainly screaming, but there is a singing section near the end. It's a fairly short song, less than 3 minutes. Crit on whatever you feel like; Quality, creativeness, vocals/lyrics (if you can manage to hear them), guitar, whatever. Here are some places you can listen to it. It's called "Betrayal".

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Just a warning to anyone who wants to know, it does say the "F word" once in the beginning, it lasts until 3 seconds into the song, but that's it for profanity.
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Whoa, this track was pretty damn sweet man. The only thing that I wasn't very happy with was the lyrics. I listen to a lot of metalcore and deathcore, but the vocals just didn't do it for me. The cleans also seemed a bit odd to me. I LOVED your guitar tone. The solo at 0:47 was beautiful and clean. The drum track was also very fitting. I love the groove going at 2:20. Props man, and what's your guitar setup?
Not bad dude

Those screams aren't too shabby haha.

Although the intro for it was just straight up random, In my opinion, perhaps it could do without, maybe it'll set the first impression mood better.

Solo sounded wicked although coulda used a couple hammers and pull offs nahmean holmes

Pretty good man

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We came up with the lyrics as a band in one night lol. We probably could have done a lot better. That's just something we need to work on I guess. Thanks for the crit man! And we use a line 6 75watt amp with the insane setting. Bass and Gain at 8, Mids at 3, High at 9, and a very little bit of delay. This is into a $150 mic. I'm not sure the exact model, it's my friends, but if you want to know, I can find out for you. and this goes into one of those Boss portable recorders. Then from there we export the files on the recorder to my laptop and we import the mp3s in Audacity and from there I put everything together and I edit everything. Again, thanks for the crit!
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Any chick that can dance with a walrus to Michael Jackson songs is hot in my book.
OK the first thing I notice is your tone, its really thin and... I don't like it, Especially since its an awesome riff you've got going. You said you turned the mids right down and the bass up, try out the opposite, cutting the Mids might sound good when your playing by your self, but the other instruments drown out the mids or something.... anyway.

The drumming was totally awesome, In my stuff I have a habit of over using Cymbals and stuff, and yours really held back on that... good job. I didn't really like the singing, it sounded like you were being sick or something (I know its like supposed to but yeah), Why not try just singing normally, like you did near the end?

yeah so try using a slightly different tone like I suggested. Well depending on what the other UG'ers have to say on my theory on mids.. etc

Can you please crit mine?

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Nice work!
Riffs were spot on and the vocals were pretty swish too!


Im looking for vocals to be put to these if you fancy it?
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"I am Osiris" at 2.22 i like how it goes "BA-BA-BA-BA---Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba---BA-BA--Ba-Ba-

its badass.