im looking for a manual wah/crybaby pedal (for guitar). i want to try and get one for cheap (less than $100) i play metal and hard rock so ill almost always have distortion on while using the wah. any ideas?

PS I would like one with some controls other that just the rocking back in forth pedal but if there is a good one with no controls please mention it
You wont have alot of options <$100
But look at Dunlop original crybabies and Ibanez weeping demons
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Hiya, i know my guitarist uses a mark tremoni wah pedal and we play a lot of classic rock / glam / metal. Not sure how much it cost but the sound he gets out of it using heavy distortion I find increidble. If you want to have a listen I'd google it or check out our band page and listen to the solos or something www.myspace.com/clubleshark
i had a dunlop wah before (i was borrowing it from a freind but gave it back) i had one with no controls and i liked it (not sure witch one it was) ill look at more dunlops then and does anyone know how good the behringer wah is i know it has lots of controls and it's cheap dont know how it sounds though
chromes nice band! ure guitarists wah sounded great im gunna check it out on the web thanks!
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chromes nice band! ure guitarists wah sounded great im gunna check it out on the web thanks!

you're quite welcome
i had a quick look myself and they come out at around £90 in the UK so im not sure what thatd be in USD... the conversion rates are awful
alright i looked at the mark tremonti wah and it's pretty expensive (even though it sounds great i dont want to spend that much) any other ideas
hehe well as they say, pleasure comes at a price, but im sure something suitable will come up more in your price range

btw where abouts are ya in the states? were tourin over there from march to april... he may have a spare to give ya if i talk him into it hehe
ah its a shame were not over that way. anyways mate take care and good luck x
the dunlop crybaby 535q is a good versatile wah. it's around 130.
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