I have a 300watt guitar amp and so does our rythm guitarist and our bassist has 200watt amp.... so what would be a good brand for a PA and a good size for one???? i neede to know soon! dont get mad if its the wrong section cus idk
Common Sense... Would you ask about buying gear in a gear Building and customizing?

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Go to the UG contribution section of the forums (right at the bottom) where I have put up a beginners guide to PA, I would really appreciate some feedback on whether it is useful and anything you would like to see in there. Anyone else who reads this; I'd like your help too.

On the specifics if you have 600W of guitar and you play turned up then no one will hear the bassist or drummer. In fact if you play flat out too near your speakers then the sound pressure levels will eventually damage your hearing. Sorry but it's true. Of course if you want a nice clean sound plenty of power in reserve is fantastic.

As a rule of thumb the Bass will need twice the power of the guitars.

Before you buy your PA think about what you are using it for. How many band members and what do they play. What sort of music do you play. More importantly as far as buying decisions are concerned where will you play. If this is your first PA then you probably haven't done many gigs so you will be playing small venues or support and using the other bands PA or even the house PA.

Your first decision is about miking up. Is everyone going through the PA or just vocals and acoustic instruments. Vocals only will cost you around £500+ roughly for new equipment in the UK. If you mike up and mix everone through the PA then it is moving towards £1500+ though you will get a much better sound potentially.

If you give me more details I'll give you as much help as I can.