Ive been playing for 6 months now and im trying to move into soloing but im having some hard times with the fast manuevering, any practice tips?
just start out really slow like half the speed of the actual song and gradually get faster and faster

also if you dont have it, guitar pro or tux guitar (free) is great for working out solo's and you can play along at half speed, it really helps me
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I'm a newbie too. I think the following are great exercises:
1. scales (so far I only know C major and F major, because they are half of the song "The man who sold the world" by David Bowie, be sure to grab tabs for it . I'll try to learn a few more scales each week from now on
2. trying really slow and easy solos first, like Beatles and Red hot chili peppers etc. Getting the bends to sound perfect, and playing a few quick notes in a row, say 1-3, perhaps in rapid succession before/after the bend, is really good beginner practice. Listen to the solos over and over again, and try to capture the feeling of every bend and short rhythm sequence well
3. make up your own "solos". They don't need to sound great, just make them contain short sequences you spotted in solos of other songs and practice those 3-5 note sequences over and over again. That's a really good way to practice the seque
4. play solos from several different musical genres even if you only want to play metal (like me ), even some emo stuff can be useful and remember it's for the greater goal of playing metal well so you'll be forgiven for doing it As long as it's tolerable to listen to the solo over and over again it works
5. finger exercises for fast repeating patterns, such as the tapping part in Van Halen's eruption, and some Iron maiden songs. Such repeating patterns are far easier to learn, than just random movements between notes, but I'm still not very successful at moving to new frets while doing these fast repeating patterns, and there's still more speed to be gained before I get close to the originals (especially in the case of Iron maiden). The tapping part of Eruption is IMO far easier than they say (the hard part is the entire rest of the song )...

BTW I'd like some info from others on especially more exercises similar to no. 5, i.e. how to start learning solos based on fast repeating sequences. For example, the solo from "Flight of Icarus" by Iron maiden, and if there are any special techniques when doing such patterns while switching strings.
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Ive been playing for 6 months now and im trying to move into soloing but im having some hard times with the fast manuevering, any practice tips?

learn slower solos first - try Highway to Hell by AC/DC or All Right Now by Free.
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