I've just started doing some fingerpicking rather than always using a pick and I've been trying out stuff like Signe and Lonely Stranger plus an instrumental version of Danny Boy.

I'm thinking I should get a nylon string guitar (another thing to add to the growing list of GAS related wallet casualties, lol), something to suit the above sorts of music (big Clapton fan).

Anyone got any good suggestions in the ?200-?300 GBP price range (?215-?320 Euros / $270-$410 US Dollars).

When it comes to the time I actually get one which won't be a while I'd happily go over a bit if it's really worth it, I'm done with buying cheap tat, always breaks on me, every penny is going on quality now...

I will of course go down my store but they're not very big and rarely have much in to suit, so I thought I'd get suggestions if there is nothing there.

Thanks, Mike.