Ovation 12 String Celebrity Tobacco Top, needs some work, solid - $150.00 + shipping

Hey Guys,

I have a Ovation 12 String Celebrity. It has a tobacco style top finish which has some nicks and dings. The bowl is in good shape but the input jack hole looks to be enlarged and the grommet to hold the strap on the bottom of the bowel is gone and there is a hole.

Needs strip tuners.

Now for the good.

The top is solid on this, no dip anywhere the frets are not sinking into the soundhole and the neck is straight.

Overall its a great guitar with some tuners you should be up and playing and with a little bit of work you should be good to go. They sell for $300+ if they are complete!

$150.00 + shipping obo

I'm posting it up for feelers, email me or pm for more complete pictures!

Neck 1.JPG
Top 1.JPG
Back of Neck 1.JPG